Current Reel


Crear te-ve — Tiempo de Cine — efe-x — Autobotika

[2014 reel with my work from 47 Ronin and Robocop on Framestore coming soon]

Flint/Flame–Nuke–After Effects–Maya

Reel Breakdown:

01- Personal — Timelapse experiment (Flint).
02- Personal — Scanned and assembled leader experiment (After Effects).
03- Personal — Scanned and displaced hands experiment (After Effects).
04- Personal — Image processing programming:
Colored Waveform generator (Processing).
05.06- Autobotika — Matchmoving, 3d Lighting and Shading, Compositing:
Star Wars Pitch Test (Nuke, Maya).
07- Personal — Image processing and creative coding:
3d Shape libraries, Noise and tv interference (Processing).
08- Personal — Creative coding:
3d particle system with dynamic friction and gravitational forces (Processing).
09- Personal — Matte Painting Extraction:
Animation and 3d reconstruction of a matte painting (Nuke).
10- efe-x — Compositing, Cleanup:
Erase the Horse Rider (Flint).
11- efe-x — Compositing, Cleanup, Roto:
Composite the kids falling from the upper level (Flint).
12- efe-x — Compositing, Cleanup, Roto, Motion Graphics:
Composite the girl on 3 different backgrounds (Flint).
13- crear teve — 3d Modeling, Lighting, Compositing:
Composite Product Shot (Flint, Maya).
14- efe-x — Cleanup, Compositing, Roto, Matchmoving:
Replace water bottle (Flint).
15- efe-x — Cleanup, Compositing, Roto, Matchmoving:
Replace soda can (Flint).
16- efe-x — Cleanup, Compositing, Roto, Matchmoving:
Replace soda bottle (Flint).
17- efe-x — Cleanup, compositing, roto, Matchmoving:
Replace the t-shirt dog for an animated dog (flint).
18- efe-x — Composite, Keying, Roto, Morphing:
Composite car layer composed of 2 cat takes morph-matched (Flint).
19- efe-x — Compositing, Matchmoving:
Add background crowd footage (Flint).
20- efe-x — Cleanup, Roto:
Remove plexiglass instruments (Flint).
21- efe-x — Compositing, Matte Painting, Roto:
Apply Ice mattepainting in the floor, replace skates (flint).
22- efe-x — Compositing, roto, matchmoving:
Replace lower part of the girl’s body for footage of the rear (Flint). crearteve — Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Direction:
Film Ad for “Plan B” magazine (flint, after effects).
27.28- efe-x — Title design, Matchmoving, compositing, Motion Graphics:
Title design for “Sin senos no hay paraiso” (Flint, After effects).
29- Autobotika — Compositing, Roto: Compositedigital doubles (Nuke).
30- efe-x — Title design, Compositing:
Title design for “En Coma” (flint).
31- efe-x — Motion Graphics:
Motion design for coca-cola and recycling logos (flint).
32.33.35- syndicato — Technical direction, creative coding:
Design of a proyection system for timelapse photograpy for a music video (flint).
36- efe-x — Compositing:
Composite different hands and whiteboard footage plates (flint).
37- tiempodecine — Animation, Compositing:
Little bird animation (After Effects).
38- Autobotika (for fox telecolombia) — Set Extension, Roto, Matte Painting Extraction, Compositing:
Composite the walkers on a south pole digital set (Nuke).
39- Autobotika (for fox telecolombia) — Matte Paintint, Roto, Compositing:
Composite the walkers on a south pole digital set (Nuke).
40- Personal — Timelapse Experiment (After Effects).
41- Personal — Motion Graphics:
Microfilm look (After Effects).

For CV or other specific information, please contact me trough comments or to

Some other stuff here at my vimeo page.

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