Audio Painting Pt4

After a long while of abandonment, my Audio Painter project has finally reached a first version of completion. By mixing the second prototype and the logic of the Sound Tracer, I’ve managed to create an audio painter with a deterministic behavior. Before this version the direction of the paint cursor movement was dictated by a Random Walker which didn’t quite reflect the nature of the song. This version has some very flexible settings to control the aspect of the image rendition of the audio. The result is exactly as i first envisioned it… 2 years ago. I think I’m gonna theme the images differently (maybe depending on the song, I guess), so that they can become like different views of little universes created by the sound properties of songs.

Drawback: It’s much more interesting to see the way the song is painted than it is to see the finished image, so this will probably work better as a multimedia installation or a live performance thing than as just little painterly images. So, a couple of videos will be coming soon.

Pj Harvey- White Chalk

At the Drive In-Rolodex Propaganda

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Boiling Death Request A Body To Rest Its Head On

So, the idea is that different music looks radically different… well not that radical, but it does look different. When working with live audio, it also looks very different for the voices of different people, so it’s fun so just sit in front on it and make it draw things (video for that also coming soon). More at my Flickr Page.


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3 responses to “Audio Painting Pt4

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  2. This looks interesting.

    What I am realy after is a copy of the code and libraries for your Oscilloscope program at I have tried to download the zip file but it does not extract seems to be corrupted.


  3. Hi I got a copy of your Oscilloscope to work!

    See a slight veriation at:


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