Interactive dance performance using Kinect

For IDARTES Launch.
I used the infrared cameras from the kinect and some infrared lights. Created a small computer vision Client a la CCV, but using simpleopenni, openOSC and opencv for processing and wired it to my particle system and interactive brush from older proyects.
This was fun, hope to get to do more of such proyects.


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4 responses to “Interactive dance performance using Kinect

  1. I am a dancer and am doing study with kinect – I am not a programmer, but do you have any advice? Would love to create something similar to this. Right now, I’m working with synapse and Isadora. Please contact me if you think you could help out at all! Lovely work!!!

  2. man your work it’s really cool, congrats!
    y really like to learn how do yo doing, like a diagram or something

    • Hola. Realmente es la clase de cosa que se puede hacer usando Comunity Core Vision + flash, solo que esto esta hecho con open CV y processing. Hay un kinect en el techo del escenario, luces infrarojas iluminan el piso y el kinect ve a las personas y se usa esa informacion. No se que mas te pueda explicar superficialmente :P

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